Client Testimonials


Sloane is an invaluable asset to me, being a stuntman. It's not uncommon to have my body out of alignment or have extremely tight muscles. Sloane has a fantastic ability o get my body back to where it needs to be with great advice to follow up on the massage. 

Ronny M.

SAG/AFTRA Stuntman

Sloane has a wonderful intuitive sense of what your body needs. Aside from having healing hands that help you relax and recover she also practices energy work during the session. As a busy artist, I am constantly running from one place to the next but along with me comes all the stress and emotional baggage of wanting to serve to my fullest. Sloane's energy cleansing techniques and restorative massage help me feel rejuvenated and at ease with mind and body.

 Cara R.

Actress/Voice Coach 

Sloane my favorite massage therapist in the Atlanta area. I saw her often for shin splints while I was actively an Irish dancer. Sometimes even before dance competitions to ensure I would dance my best without pain. Her massage is thorough and feels heavenly, not to mention the wonderful chocolate she gives you afterward. 

Ashlyn L. 

Irish Dancer

My family has been seeing Sloane for years. Since I have moved back to Atlanta I have finally been able to see her on a consistent basis. Sloane's massages paired with cupping therapy have become an integral part of my life and instrumental in the maintenance of my body. From old shoulder injuries due to sports, to nagging plantar fasciitis, Sloane's Approach to healing is few and far between. It's been several years since I have felt as good as I do now. Massage Therapy has enabled and motivated me not only to work out more often, but to focus on a more healthy lifestyle. I eat and drink better and am getting a better night's sleep. Thanks Sloane, you're the best!!!

Paul S.

Food Service Operator

As a stunt woman, I need to make sure I take care of my body. What really makes a difference is cupping and massages. It allows my body to recover quickly and maintain while I'm training or working!

Diandra S.

SAG/AFTRA Stunt Woman

Client Testimonials


I have been seeing Sloane for several years and she is, by far, the best massage therapist I have ever. She truly cares and gives her all. I enjoy every session!
~Deborah P.

Manager of a Spa

I started seeing Sloane for sciatic and muscle soreness. She worked with me and helped to heal me. I continue to see her and am never disappointed.
~Clay C.
Champion Power Lifter

Sloane has worked very hard on my very tight body! She is a miracle worker and has really helped me feel like a human being again.
~Becci R.

Early Education Teacher

I have been grateful to have Sloane Warren's massage work for the past three years…what a gift! Each time she works with me I feel relief and relaxation. Sloane is very knowledgeable, intuitive and loving in the care that she gives.
~Tere M.
Office Manager, Mascali Chiropractic

I have not found anybody that works as well as Sloane! Her methods work the best and she always wants to leave you feeling as relaxed as possible.
~Megan F.


Relaxation and Rejuvenation! If you want it Sloane can give it to you!
~Daniel D.
Construction Manager

Client Testimonials


Sloane gave me a fantastic massage! I was suffering with terrible tightness in my upper body and chronic headaches and sinus congestion. With her manual lymphatic drainage and Lypossage on my neck and face I am now pain free. I feel great! I can't thank her enough and will tell all my friends. 

Charlene M.

World Traveler

As a Chiropractic doctor in practice for 32 years- you are aware that I now many therapist. Your style of massage takes a person through many wonderful and varied physical sensations. the therapeutic effects of cupping, which really help remove deeper toxicities and relax tightly guarded muscles-relieving those chronic nuisance aches. The fragrant oils relax my entire nervous system. I really appreciate your willingness to use a variety of techniques to help with  extreme relaxation and therapeutic relief. 

Dr. Ed Mascali


I've been going to Atlanta Body Retreat for several years now. SLoane Warren is the best Massage Therapist I have ever had and I have had many. She listens to your feedback to give you a very relaxing, therapeutic and customized experience. She uses a variety of techniques not routinely used such as cupping therapy, warm packs, cool eye pillows, aromatherapy and a variety of audio from which you can choose. At the conclusion of your massage, you are always offered a delicious chocolate treat! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a massage therapist. 

Dr. Olson


The cupping massages really seem to help my blood circulation and actually relieve stress. After a massage and cupping my energy improves, stress is gone from my body-mostly my neck as that seems to be where it accumulates. I am able to be more productive for longer. That is absolutely necessary the busier I am. 

Aaron S.


Being a hygienist for more than thirty years brings with it some aches. Sloane is a major player in keeping those aches in check. She listens and responds to my requests. She offers advice for minimizing injury. She is crucial in allowing me to enjoy my work days. i'm grateful to have found her.

Tina B.




Sloane when I started coming to you I was a mess! Five back surgeries and doctors wanting to do more! Your lightest massage at first even left me felt slightly bruised. You told me to start drinking more water, and when I did, along with the suggested use of targeted ice, I felt a little better. Now years later you are helping me so much! Thanks to you, you've made my life tolerable. Thank you so much for being there for me!

Kim H.

Raw Honey Business Owner    

Sloane is the real deal. I am a massage, cupping, and energy client with her. The cupping has provided a lot of healing for my buy and active life. Working with Sloane has brought a lot of healing to perform my best. 

Jessica B. 

Stunt Woman

I don't know how I would function without routine massages and cupping from Sloane. I exercise a lot and put my body through quite a bit, which means recovery is very important. My body knows when I've gone too long without seeing Sloane. There's nothing like the work that she does to get my body back functioning normally. The cupping itself gives me immediate energy and helps get everything moving and flushed out. It's an excellent detox for me,  as well as muache and soreness relief. I highly recommend Sloane. She does great work!

Sarah S. 

Stunt Woman